A fast metabolism is the perfect fat burner and calorie killer. In addition to exercise and a balanced diet, it is these five drinks in particular that get your metabolism running at full speed. The metabolism consists of the component duo of the building and energy metabolism. 

While the building metabolism builds up new cells, the energy metabolism provides the required energy. The metabolism can be influenced in many ways – also in everyday life. Regular exercise, a protein-rich diet, and adequate fluid intake can really boost your metabolism. These five drinks ignite the turbo metabolism. 

Five Fat Burner Drinks For A Fast Metabolism And Calorie Killer

1. Green Tea 

A faster metabolism can also be achieved if enough low-calorie drinks are consumed every day. According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), the water requirement of an adult is around 2.6 liters (compared to the reference values). 

To increase the effectiveness of the stimulated metabolism, it is best to use green tea. The caffeine it contains makes you wake up and increases fat burning by up to ten percent – of course, only if the green tea is drunk pure and without sweeteners. Significant side effect: the antioxidants in the green leaves render unwanted free radicals in the body harmless (for the study). 

2. Espresso 

With almost one sip, you have drunk it: the espresso! The quick pick-me-up from Italy not only perks up tired people but also ensures a fast metabolism. 

In addition, espresso increases the ability to concentrate and helps to overcome minor performance lows in the morning or afternoon – here, too, the following applies: Enjoyed without milk and sugar. By the way, just 50 milliliters of the black drink are enough to benefit from the boost. 

3. Water 

It is the elixir of beauty in general: water! It is naturally fat and calorie-free and is considered the perfect thirst quencher. Those who drink enough enjoy a fast metabolism and regular digestion – keyword: flat stomach -, plump skin and a radiant complexion. 

By the way: the effect of the stimulated metabolism increases when cold water is drunk. Because this must first be adapted to the body temperature, which also burns calories. To trick the feeling of satiety a little, a glass of water should be drunk about 20 minutes before the three large main meals – this satisfies hunger a little and makes you complete. 

4. Green Smoothie 

Fast metabolism: This works with green vegetable-based smoothies. The natural, predominantly green foods provide plenty of minerals and vitamins required for a properly functioning metabolism. In addition, vegetables provide valuable antioxidants that eliminate free radicals in the body and thus support the immune system in its function. 

All those new to the nutritional plan for green smoothies should start with a small glass, around 150 milliliters, and drink it up slowly. In this way, the stomach and intestines are gently prepared for the large and compact nutrients. However, a maximum of 250 milliliters of the green product should be drunk per day – this has a beneficial effect on the body and stimulates metabolic activity. 

5. Apple Cider Vinegar 

Admittedly: Apple cider vinegar is not for everyone – but it does a lot for your health. Apple cider vinegar has a natural antibacterial effect and helps prevent pesky food cravings. It is best to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water (200 milliliters) for about 20 minutes before eating and drink slowly. 

Metabolism booster: no magic bullets Espresso, water, apple cider vinegar, and the like support the metabolism to function correctly and not burden it. Of course, there are no miracle cures for a fast metabolism behind the drinks. For an increased metabolism, you must do more exercise in everyday life.